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What is Cthulhu Fhtagn!
"Cthulhu Fhtagn!" is a new browser based "Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game" (MMORPG).
The game takes place (like most of the Lovecraft stories) in the 1920's. Each player plays a character who is thirsty for knowledge regarding the "Cthulhu Mythos" and by all means will try to learn about their secrets. The action is set in a fantasy universe where there are common role-playing locations such as the City Library and the Forgotten Woods plus other special places featured in the mythos like the Castle of Martense and the House of Charles Dexter Ward. Starting from his shelter, each player may engage some human allies and evoke the creatures of the Mythos to explore the universe in search of the obscure Grimories. These, after being studied, will reveal a part of the mythos' terrible truth.
Only those who will be able to progress along the narrow path between knowledge and insanity will acquire more and more power until the final victory. The path may be walked together with friends and allies but in the end there will be only one winner.
In addition to the creation of allies, each player may build structure and master occult sciences to get more resources and advantages both tactical and strategical.

Those who love role playing games as well as those new to the concept will have the chance to collect clues and interact with the different characters featured in this mythical universe. Finally a number of thematic meetings will be made available to the different participants allowing them to taste what a true RPG should be.
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Update May 2nd, 2009
Saturday, 2009-May-02
I apologize for the lengthened period of silence between now and the previous post on "The Call"....
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